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How to Make a Pocket Pussy - Best DIY Fleshlight Tutorials

If you're planning to build your own sex toy, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind, ... A Pringles Can. This one by YouTube's Steebee Weebee is similar to the contraption above, but it uses ...

Making A Fleshlight From A Pringles Can | The Real Story ...

This insane appearing equipment enables you to lock your FL into the machine, which will definitely relocate the plaything back and forth for you, pump lube in and also gives you control over the velocity as well as movement – Making A Fleshlight From A Pringles Can. If you’re fascinated in the future of male toys, this is it.

How To Make A DIY Vagina - The Armory

Carefully stretch the condom around the rim of the can and over the lip so it covers the foam. The lip of the can will hold the condom in place. To use your homemade flashlight toy, squirt some water-based, non-greasy lube into the condom and insert your penis.

How to Create a Homemade Fleshlight on Your Own at Home

Stuff some sponges into a Pringles can or similar oblong object and wrap a condom or latex glove around the top. After that, fill that with some lube, wrap some rubber bands around the condom or ...