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The Oscar-winning filmmaker tells Stephen Colbert why theaters are important and what movies inspired Reservoir Dogs Bethesda owns Skyrim, but it’s the fans and players who’ve made it their ...

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Yes, we're back with Jimmy Concepts, reliable source of dishonest idiocy. This time, as a kind of 'bonus feature' to our last episode, Daniel reads out a representative selection of reviewer comments on some of the fake papers submitted to academic journals by Lindsay, Pluckrose and Boghossian during the so-called 'Sokal Squared' prank.

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Estou começando a me sentir abandonada aqui, especialmente depois de ver todas as fotos lindas da praia que eles têm postado no Instagram e Snapchat. "Você vai pedir desculpas por bater no meu aglutinante na lagoa?" A igreja pergunta quando eu saio da aula de matemática e o encontro parado contra o banco de armários do lado oposto do salão.

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jews have controlled the media for 100 years in the US. they have worked the ultimate flip. not only have they successfully hidden their tribal nature and true agenda, they have, very carefully, bit by bit, brought pieces of the agenda into the open..and gotten their worst enemy to support it and think it good. even his own literal physical ...

srbinside | Dve zanimljive uspomene iz 1888. godine

Bujdić, 28. maj 1936. „Srpske novine“ od 12. oktobra 1888. godine, donele su na prvoj strani jednu značajnu pretstavku kralja Milana, upućenu mitropolitu Srbije. Tom pretstavkom kralj traži da se, iz razloga u njoj navedenih, poništi brak između njega i kraljice Natalije. Ispod toga akta, u produženju je otštampano rešenje ...

srbinside | U susret Noći muzeja: Arhiv Televizije Beograd

Programski audio – vizuelni arhiv Televizije Beograd, osnovan 1958, važi za najbogatiji i najekskluzivniji na Balkanu. U njemu se nalazi više od 600.000 naslova – igranih TV filmova, drama, serija, dokumentarnih, dečjih i sportskih programa, kao i raznih fotografskih, fonografskih i videografskih zapisa, od kojih se većina ne može naći ni na jednom drugom mestu.

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Ladies and gentlemen, now that the first season of the Top 10 has come to a close, as is tradition we would be releasing this on DVD. But since we can't do that, what we will do instead is provide you with a comprehensive list of every single edition we've done from the first one to the one we posted today.

Initech's Journal - Democratic Underground

The two turkeys appear to be living a life of luxury as they await the ceremony in the capital. Photos of both birds posted on the White House’s Twitter and Instagram accounts showed them staying at the Willard InterContinental Hotel, a five-star hotel just blocks away from the White House.